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Adam & Pete: Love In A Time Of War

Pete Bennett & Adam Harmon

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End DOMA now. It is not fair to grant benefits to some and not all. Unfair.

DOMA Testimony from Husband of ‘Booed’ Soldier

Georgetown Student Faces a Step Up or a Boot Out

Georgetown student faces a step up or a boot out – The Washington Post.

What’s Happening in Wisconsin? Governor Scott Walker is Union Busting and Vilifying Good People

What’s Happening in Wisconsin: Explained | Mother Jones.

Madison WI

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Enough. Past administrations allowed for much too generous benefits and now it not the time to undo the past with one sweeping law. Yes, public employees need to pay more of their share for health benefits and pension costs but this change must be gradual.  New hires should be started at different tiers (with contributions higher than current employees). It is obvious that big business and the governor’s Koch Industries will benefit the most from the proposed law-Democrats stay out of WI until a reasonable conclusion can be created.