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Barack Obama is Re-Elected


Barack Obama for Re-Election – NYTimes.com.

…..For these and many other reasons, we enthusiastically endorse President Barack Obama for a second term, and express the hope that his victory will be accompanied by a new Congress willing to work for policies that Americans need.

The Boston Globe Endorses Barack Obama….

New York City’s 2012 Pride March

Adam & Pete: Love In A Time Of War

Pete Bennett & Adam Harmon

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End DOMA now. It is not fair to grant benefits to some and not all. Unfair.

DOMA Testimony from Husband of ‘Booed’ Soldier

Orlando GOP Debate Crowd Boos US Soldier Stephen Hill

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What a disgusting debate audience….Mr. Hill is risking his life for these people?

Mad Men and Mad Women ~ Maureen Dowd

Mad Men and Mad Women – NYTimes.com.

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“Republicans hate social engineering, unless they’re doing it.”

“One thing independents like to be independent of is government meddling in their personal lives.”

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”

President Obama Shifting Policy on Gay Marriage

President Obama Shifting Policy on Gay Marriage – The Daily Beast.

President Obama