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GOP Rep. Sean Duffy: I’m Struggling On My $174K Salary! Cut Other Public Servants’ Wages Instead!

GOP Rep: Im Struggling On My $174K Salary VIDEO | TPMDC.

Sean Duffy

GOP Eyes New Message Other Than ‘So Be It’ : What? No More Slashing Social Programs, Women’s Rights, Demonizing Public Servants and Maiming Middle Class Union Workers?

GOP Eyes New Jobs Message : Roll Call.


Corporate funded good-ole boys. Long live: Corporate welfare and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans-This is the GOP’s agenda.

Wisconsin GOP Senators Pass Stand-Alone Anti-Union Bill Against Will of Majority of State

Wisconsin GOP Senators Pass Stand-Alone Anti-Union Bill Without Democrats Present.




This was shady and against the will of the majority of State residents. This is class warfare. Walker gave tax breaks to corporations on the backs of little Johnny’s teachers.

WI Democrats to End Union Standoff

Wisconsins Democrats to End Union Standoff – WSJ.com.


Let the recall of Walker roll ahead.

The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’

The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’ – NYTimes.com.


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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Funded by the Koch Bros. | Big Money Buys Government


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Funded by the Koch Bros. | Mother Jones.

At least the Dems have Soros(maybe) and  Hollywood. These Koch men are akin to the Devil.

What’s Happening in Wisconsin? Governor Scott Walker is Union Busting and Vilifying Good People

What’s Happening in Wisconsin: Explained | Mother Jones.

Madison WI

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Enough. Past administrations allowed for much too generous benefits and now it not the time to undo the past with one sweeping law. Yes, public employees need to pay more of their share for health benefits and pension costs but this change must be gradual.  New hires should be started at different tiers (with contributions higher than current employees). It is obvious that big business and the governor’s Koch Industries will benefit the most from the proposed law-Democrats stay out of WI until a reasonable conclusion can be created.