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For Union Families, a Loss of Value Beyond Bank Accounts

For union families, a loss of value beyond bank accounts – The Washington Post.


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Terrible loss of value. These people save lives and teach our children. They did not cause the recession-Wall Street and the Banking Industry did.

Wisconsin GOP Senators Pass Stand-Alone Anti-Union Bill Against Will of Majority of State

Wisconsin GOP Senators Pass Stand-Alone Anti-Union Bill Without Democrats Present.




This was shady and against the will of the majority of State residents. This is class warfare. Walker gave tax breaks to corporations on the backs of little Johnny’s teachers.

Last In Teachers, Most Worried

Last In, Most Worried – Slide Show – NYTimes.com.

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These union rules should be changed because nobody should be able to hold a job just because they got thru the door first.  In the private sector, seniority does not matter-you are out if you don’t perform (or if you are and older white man)….

Are US Workers Headed Toward Sweatshop Labor Wages? Inequality Soars

Daily Kos: Are US Workers Headed Toward Sweatshop Labor Wages?.

My mother worked in a factory and was represented by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU). Our life would have been financially worse without that union’s representation. Business owners’ greed is worse now because egomaniacal greed has crept deeper into the GOP and The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (a joke). Corporate Welfare is a sin and is supported by the GOP.

Teachers cannot be comared to the average US worker because teachers have earned degrees and most US workers have not bothered to improve themselves. However, these outspoken ‘taxpayers’ cry that they have been short-changed: Maybe if these idiotic selfish Tea Partyish people worked harder they just might be able to earn more.


The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’

The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’ – NYTimes.com.


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It’s a Class War: Proposed Cuts Strike Teachers as Attacks on Their Value to Society

Proposed Cuts Strike Teachers as Attacks on Their Value to Society – NYTimes.com.

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Scorned but the Wall Street crooks walk freely with huge wallets.

The Public-Sector Workers on Which our Future Depends: Teachers

Matt Miller – The public-sector workers on which our future depends.

Matt Miller, The Washington Post

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Yes, we do need to support our public school teachers. I live here because the public school district is beyond average and is one of the best in the U.S.  Sure, homeowners pay a lot for real estate taxes, but we want excellent public schools.  I would suggest that there is a direct correlation between our district’s average teacher salary ($100k) and the unmatched success of its students. Our teachers are worth every penny and should not be vilified.

What’s Happening in Wisconsin? Governor Scott Walker is Union Busting and Vilifying Good People

What’s Happening in Wisconsin: Explained | Mother Jones.

Madison WI

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Enough. Past administrations allowed for much too generous benefits and now it not the time to undo the past with one sweeping law. Yes, public employees need to pay more of their share for health benefits and pension costs but this change must be gradual.  New hires should be started at different tiers (with contributions higher than current employees). It is obvious that big business and the governor’s Koch Industries will benefit the most from the proposed law-Democrats stay out of WI until a reasonable conclusion can be created.

Obama joins Wisconsin’s budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill

Too much too soon @ WI

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Obama joins Wisconsin’s budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill.

Public workers sure need to pay a higher percentage of healthcare premiums and pensions than they do now. Enact a gradual increase and create new tiers for new-hires (with higher contribution percentages). The bully governor needs to back off and re-think his toxic ideas. Public servants are not villains but the GOP is certainly casting them as such.