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Some Undocumented Workers Pay U.S. Taxes ~ Trying to Follow The Law With Hope of Gaining Citizenship

Some undocumented workers still pay U.S. taxes | Marketplace From American Public Media.

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Many pay social security taxes, FICA, and income taxes without ever receiving any benefit. Taxation without representation. This is definitely a revenue source within the U.S. budget. Unfair. Reform immigration law and pass the Dream Act.

It’s Not Really About Spending ~ NYT Editorial

It’s Not Really About Spending –

Mad Men and Mad Women ~ Maureen Dowd

Mad Men and Mad Women –

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“Republicans hate social engineering, unless they’re doing it.”

“One thing independents like to be independent of is government meddling in their personal lives.”

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”

Bullying: Words are Worse Than Sticks and Stones by Westport, CT Teen

Update: Video Plea Goes Viral ~HELP These Kids~

YouTube – Words are worse than Sticks and Stones.

Local Coverage of Video

Debating the Impact of Anchor Babies

Panelists Debate Impact of Anchor Babies | United States | Epoch Times.

Another issue is the DREAM ACT…these young immigrants need a pathway to legal status.

Cigar Smoker Harry Lysons Must Pay $2,000 Fine If He Smokes Indoors – Secondhand Smoke Stinks and Costs A Lot

Cigar smoker Harry Lysons must pay $2,000 fine if he smokes indoors –

Cigar Smoker

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I hope this sets a precedence in the NYC residential condo/co-op market.

Mr. Obama Moves Against Bias – New York Times Op-Ed

Mr. Obama Moves Against Bias –

Obama Administration Now Sees Marriage Act as Violation of Gay Rights

Obama Administration Now Sees Marriage Act as Violation of Gay Rights –

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Now, get rid of the unjust act.

Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance – US (Healthcare) is Inferior to Other Developed Nations

Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance –


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COBRA costs is outrageous and not permanent and how do I get coverage for my unmarried partner through my employer? Inequitable, prejudiced, expensive and barbaric. Business and current government laws are burdensome for many and totally unfair.


What’s Happening in Wisconsin? Governor Scott Walker is Union Busting and Vilifying Good People

What’s Happening in Wisconsin: Explained | Mother Jones.

Madison WI

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Enough. Past administrations allowed for much too generous benefits and now it not the time to undo the past with one sweeping law. Yes, public employees need to pay more of their share for health benefits and pension costs but this change must be gradual.  New hires should be started at different tiers (with contributions higher than current employees). It is obvious that big business and the governor’s Koch Industries will benefit the most from the proposed law-Democrats stay out of WI until a reasonable conclusion can be created.