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SCOTUS says YES. Equality.

White House Rainbow

Hillary Clinton Supports Marriage Equality

via Hillary Clinton for HRC’s Americans for Marriage Equality – YouTube.

Hillary Clinton & Me

Mrs. Clinton and my shoulder….

Bill Clinton: It’s Time to Overturn DOMA

Bill Clinton: It’s time to overturn DOMA – The Washington Post.
Bill Clinton & Me (Cropped-out)

Bill Clinton & Me (Cropped-out)

The New Yorker Clinton-DOMA

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Candid: Bill & Hillary Clinton

The Clintons

An Enduring Vision 2012 | Elton John Aids Foundation Welcomes Stevie Nicks

An Enduring Vision 2012 | Elton John Aids Foundation-Click for Official Website

ALSO: Cedars Sinai Women’s Guild Benefit on 11/13/12….

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Elton John AIDS Foundation Gala 10/15/12

New York City’s 2012 Pride March

Adam & Pete: Love In A Time Of War

Pete Bennett & Adam Harmon

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End DOMA now. It is not fair to grant benefits to some and not all. Unfair.

DOMA Testimony from Husband of ‘Booed’ Soldier

You Are Loved Glowlight Vigil Over the Rainbow ~ NYC One Year Ago

You Are Loved Glowlight Vigil Over the Rainbow ~ Words Hurt More Than Sticks and Stones – YouTube.

Orlando GOP Debate Crowd Boos US Soldier Stephen Hill

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What a disgusting debate audience….Mr. Hill is risking his life for these people?

Tim Cook Takes Over as Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO ~ 10/5/11 Steve Jobs Has Died

Tim Cook takes over as Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO –

An openly gay man named C.E.O…..but he can’t marry the man of his dreams (if there is one).

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Gay Marriage Approved by New York Senate ~ Governor Cuomo Has Signed Bill Into Law

Gay Marriage Approved by New York Senate –

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BUT….this does not grant equal rights under federal law…Federal Taxation laws are not the same for gay-marrieds vs. straight-marrieds..and inheritance taxes are also inequitable for gays….Gays have to pay taxes on the value of employer-provided benefits for the same-sex partner whereas straight-marrieds do not (unfair)…and federal employees cannot (because of DOMA etc.) obtain health insurance coverage for their gay-married partners…this is unfair and inequitable and very costly and harmful to gay-married families…Gay Marriage must be sanctioned by our  federal government otherwise certain citizens are treated unfairly…the hateful and bigoted views of the minority should not prevent any citizen from equal rights and protections.

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