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Stevie Nicks old Hollywood Hills Home at 2282 El Contento Drive

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Stevie purchased the house in the 70s and it was the former home of silent movie actress, Vilma Banky. The house was sold in 6/13 for $1,610,000 and I wish the buyer was me…. In the picture & video below you can see Stevie sitting in front of the exact same fireplace in the living room that is in the slideshow above.

Stevie Nicks 1977 Interview at 2282 El Contento Dr

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This interview was filmed at this house….

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Stevie Nicks Hollywood Hills Karate

Meanwhile….out in the yard of this home, Stevie learns karate.

From Utopia to Scandal to Luxury, The History of the Ansonia at 2109 Broadway

From Utopia to Scandal to Luxury, The History of the Ansonia – Curbed Classics – Curbed NY.

Decision: The Ansonia or The Dakota?

Stevie Nicks’s Old Hollywood Hills Villa – 2282 El Contento Drive

Buy Stevie Nicks’s Old 1920s Spanish in the Hollywood Hills – New to Market – Curbed LA.

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And here is a new listing in Stevie’s Pacific Palisades neighborhood at 652 Chautauqua…

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Stevie Nicks' Pools

Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" photo shoot

Lindsey Buckingham Has Exquisite Taste in Women and Real Estate

The Real Estalker: Is Lindsey Buckingham Downsizing?.

Buckingham's Brentwood

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Here is the MLS listing….

Mr. Buckingham buys THIRD Brentwood home…….at 361 North Saltair Ave.

361 N Saltair - Buckingham

This is Mr. Buckingham’s current Brentwood Manse:

Buckingham's Brentwood Mansion

It’s big….but not as large as his old Bel Air Estate

N. Saltair Avenue

This looks like an ordinary street, but, behind the walls and gates, it is different.

299 N. Saltair Avenue

I guess this place will be for sale after the new place is built….

163 S. Rockingham Ave., Brentwood Was Phyllis Diller’s Estate / For Sale $12.9M

Read about the icon’s home – L.A. Times ~

Listing link ~

163 S Rockingham Rd

101 Ocean Avenue ~ Santa Monica Oceanfront Tower

Excellent location and amenities…plus great neighbors.

One Zero One

Click for JR’s the top floor listing..

One Zero One

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Carbon Beach Auction: 21804 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu Starting Bid @ $22M

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Even the wealthy are turning to auctions to sell their homes –

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The Secret To A Great Looking Lawn? 18.4M Gallons of Water – Excessive Consumption by J. Crew’s Mickey Drexler

The Secret To A Great Looking Lawn? 18.4 Million Gallons of Water – Excessive Consumption – Curbed Hamptons.

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973 Fifth Avenue is Listed for $49M. The Stanford White Designed Mansion Is An Over-the-Top Gold Coast Residence

Hold Onto Your Monocles! $49M Fifth Ave. Mansion Listing Arrives – Blockbusters – Curbed NY.

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Italian Renaissance Palazzo design by Stanford White

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Scarsdale, NY Bidding Wars Alive and Well at $171k Over Asking for 3 White Birch Lane

A modest home for QR....Taxes are only $34,000