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973 Fifth Avenue is Listed for $49M. The Stanford White Designed Mansion Is An Over-the-Top Gold Coast Residence

Hold Onto Your Monocles! $49M Fifth Ave. Mansion Listing Arrives – Blockbusters – Curbed NY.

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Italian Renaissance Palazzo design by Stanford White

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Gated Double-Wide Living on the Wrong Side of Lex: 152 East 81st St. is Almost Ready for Madonna

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The question now is how Madonna’s arrival might disrupt the social ecology of the Upper East Side, where anything east of Lexington Avenue has always been considered the wrong side of the tracks—the IRT subway tracks, that is. As any New Yorker knows, there are actually two Upper East Sides. West of Lex is a magic a kingdom of wealth and privilege, with luxurious pre-war apartments, spit-and-polish doormen and Central Park views. And then there’s the Upper East Side east of Lex—a jumble of soulless apartment towers, tenements and more dry cleaners, Duane Reade drugstores and Citibank branches than the economy could possibly absorb, even in the best of times. Madonna’s house falls on the dowdy side of the dividing line.

The Daily Beast ~ Madonna’s new place is on the wrong side of Lex (the tracks)!

941 Park Avenue Sells: Tom Brokaw Finds Buyer for Fab $10.75M UES Duplex

Tom Brokaw Finds Buyer for $10.75M Upper East Side Duplex – Celebrity Real Estate – Curbed NY.

941 Park Avenue

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WSJ Article about the sale…

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Renee Zellweger Selling UES Apartments at 24 East 82nd Street for $8.9M+/-

Renee Zellweger Selling UES Apartments to Leelee Sobieski – Celebrity Real Estate – Curbed NY.


24 East 82nd Street


Miss Z spent over $8M on the combination of three apartments and is now selling..probably at a net loss.

2-6 East 80th Street Was Mr. Woolworth’s Opulent Home ~ For Sale for $90M

Big Deal: Woolworth Opulence for $90 Million – NYTimes.com.

2-6 East 80th Street, Manhattan

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Link to the Listing Agent ~ Run, Don’t Walk!!!

America’s 2nd Most Expensive Zip Code: NYC’s Upper East Side

Americas Second Most Expensive Hood: The Upper East Side! – Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous – Curbed NY.


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I prefer the UWS.

33 East 70th Street Wins Most Cluttered Award and is For Sale at $10.2M

The Most Overfurnished Apartment on the UES Can Be Yours! – On The Market – Curbed NY.

33 East 70th Street

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OMFG. Couldn’t the broker use photoshop or maybe commission an artist to paint a portrait without all of the Sh?t?

UES Muppet Mansion Officially Hits the Market for $27.25M – 117 East 69th Street

UPDATE: SOLD at $4M Mark-down

UES Muppet Mansion Officially Hits the Market for $27.25M – On the Market – Curbed NY.

117 East 69th Street, NYC

Jim Henson paid $600,000 for the property in 1977 and Edgar Bronfman Jr. (current owner) paid $28.5 in 2008. Needs a lot of work and could be a residence or a commercial space.