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Jill Kelley a/k/a “Tampa Kardashian” Led Lavish Life Before Ruining Lives

Jill Kelley, key figure in David Petraeus scandal, led lavish life – LA Times.com.

This man (FBI’s Frederick Humphries) seems to know no boundaries….creep:

Tampa Kardashian's friend

GSA Scandal: Pig Jeff Neely Invokes the 5th At Congressional Hearing

GSA Pig Jeff Neely is Out at GSA…Finally.
GSA scandal: Jeff Neely declines to testify at start of first House hearing – The Washington Post.
Read about this pig’s fun in Las Vegas…

He is for sure now in a hot tub

This guy is a total whore. Using public funds in this manner is disgusting. He should be shamed into oblivion ASAP. Without pay and after repaying the taxpayers.

Enjoying themselves on the public dime

What an idiot

Anthony Weiner Is Your New Topless Congressman (Former)

Anthony Weiner Is Your New Topless Congressman – Gawker.

Anthony Weiner

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Rep. Weiner Resigns…click for the exit story…

Weiner is gonna be a daddy…Click for the story.

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More Weiner Pics via TMZ….at the Gym!

The picture of a picture of the XXX Full Monty….

Philippa Middleton ~ She’s A Beauty ~ Just Don’t Call Her Pippa

Oh No….Topless Kate:

Pippa Middleton – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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LOOK: Pippa’s Summer Style!!

Post Nuptial Partying ~ Pippa and the Girls (click it)

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Click for story on James Middleton XXXish photos…

Click for story on Pippa’s dirty dancing photos…

OH NO!!!! A Gun?!?!