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GOP John Ensign Expected To Announce Resignation

John Ensign Expected To Announce Resignation.

This guy has such a tainted sordid past I cannot believe he has lasted this long.

Update: The Cheater’s Timing

Tim Pawlenty’s Two-Faced Fiscal Claims Don’t Always Jibe with His MN Record

Tim Pawlenty: Former Gov. Tim Pawlentys fiscal claims dont always jibe with Minnesotas record – latimes.com.

Liar Tim Pawlenty

Two-faced liar. Typical GOP.

Rand Paul Falsely Claims That Federal Workers Don’t Contribute To Their Pension And Health Care Plans

ThinkProgress » Rand Paul Falsely Claims That Public Workers Don’t Contribute To Their Pension And Health Care Plans.

I contribute a lot to my healthcare and pension…and I can’t get coverage for my whole family because of the unconstitutional DOMA. Rand Paul-you are an idiot and a liar.

Conservatives: We Are Being Outworked And Out-Organized In WI Recall Campaigns

Conservatives: We Are Being Outworked And Out-Organized In Wisconsin Recall Campaigns.


Recalls are popular…we must undo mistakes.

Further Analysis Finds Deceptive Editing In NPR Sting Tape

Further Analysis Finds Deceptive Editing In Sting Tape, As NPR Gains An Unlikely Defender.


One of the major blogs that picked-up the edited version has stated that they should have questioned the video and vetted its authenticity and would have not released the video had they known it was manipulated.

GOP Eyes New Message Other Than ‘So Be It’ : What? No More Slashing Social Programs, Women’s Rights, Demonizing Public Servants and Maiming Middle Class Union Workers?

GOP Eyes New Jobs Message : Roll Call.


Corporate funded good-ole boys. Long live: Corporate welfare and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans-This is the GOP’s agenda.

Boehner, Where Is, “Where Are the Jobs?”?

Boehner, Where Is, “Where Are the Jobs?”? | Mother Jones.

All they (GOP) are doing is creating distractions while they (GOP) readies plans to give the ‘haves’ more while gutting what made the US  great (social programs, public education and women’s issues) and attacking the working middle class-the have nots. Cut corporate welfare and add a Bush War Tax for the ‘haves’.

NPR Executive,Vivian Schiller, Resigns Over Hidden Camera Video

NPR executive resigns over hidden camera video – Boston.com


The executive caught on video said it ‘off the record’ and specifically said the views were his.  I do agree with his view that the Republicans and the Tea Party are anti-intellectual. Overall, Ron Schiller should not have made his personal opinions public given is position (former) at NPR.

Lets cut the cord and refuse all US aide..I’ll chip in extra. It would be worth it to have these crazy Tea Party and TCOTs move on to creating jobs (where are the jobs?).

Fox and Glenn Beck Stare Into a Dark Future

Update: Beck sells and Moves Away

Update: Good Riddance

Fox and Glenn Beck Stare Into a Dark Future – NYTimes.com.

Click on the side story of Becks still unsold CT home....

He is unbalanced and unbalanced. A drop of one third is substantial and I like the trend but I know that the Tea Party and other Right Wingnuts listeners still thrive on crazy-and there is a lot of that for them to eat.

Click for Side Story: Beck’s New Canaan Home is Still For Sale and He’ll Suffer a Loss if He Ever Sells it

Are US Workers Headed Toward Sweatshop Labor Wages? Inequality Soars

Daily Kos: Are US Workers Headed Toward Sweatshop Labor Wages?.

My mother worked in a factory and was represented by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU). Our life would have been financially worse without that union’s representation. Business owners’ greed is worse now because egomaniacal greed has crept deeper into the GOP and The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (a joke). Corporate Welfare is a sin and is supported by the GOP.

Teachers cannot be comared to the average US worker because teachers have earned degrees and most US workers have not bothered to improve themselves. However, these outspoken ‘taxpayers’ cry that they have been short-changed: Maybe if these idiotic selfish Tea Partyish people worked harder they just might be able to earn more.