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Florence Welch Channeling Stevie Nicks’ Fashion Style?

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It is wonderful to see new talent wearing clothes. Beautiful clothes. Like Stevie Nicks says, a woman should leave some mystery (….and not strut around on stage in whore-like costumes while lip synching says me-Lady Gaga excepted).

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Watch Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s Threeway with Lady Gaga on SNL

Watch Justin Timberlake and Andy Sambergs Threeway with Lady Gaga on SNL – Gawker.

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Kristen Wiig’s ‘Bridesmaid’ Film Review – Wiig is a Natural Talent (SaysMe)

Wiig’s Final SNL Episode…A serenade by Mick Jagger…

Bridesmaids movie review — Bridesmaids showtimes – The Boston Globe.

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Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig

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I love everything (almost) Kristen does. She’d be perfect for a one woman show on Broadway (like Lily Tomlin…).

Here is a recent French interview of Ms. Wiig and Ms. Rudolph….they laugh till they cry.

Gilda Radner’s Maisonette Style Co-Op (former) at The Dakota For Sale ~ 1 West 72nd Street UWS

Gilda’s place returns to market….

John Madden Doesnt Want to be Yoko Onos Neighbor Anymore – Celebrity Real Estate – Curbed NY.

1 West 72nd St 17S

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Apartment is a Maisonette. Nice! Click for listing details…

Price Ms. Radner paid in 1979: $150,000

Sales price to Madden by Ms. Radner in 1985: $625,000

Current listing price: $4,900,000..NOW $4,395,000

Monthly maintenance: $5,300

I love the maisonette layout.

SNL Weekend Update with Kristen Wiig as Julie Taymor

SNL Weekend Update with Kristen Wiig as Julie Taymor

Heart Heart Kristen Wiig…..