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Scarsdale, NY Bidding Wars Alive and Well at $171k Over Asking for 3 White Birch Lane

A modest home for QR....Taxes are only $34,000

Rick Welts, A Sports Executive Leaves the Safety of His Shadow Life

A Sports Executive Leaves the Safety of His Shadow Life – NYTimes.com.

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Why do people have to hide? Because a lot of people are haters and homophobes. What David Stern did to honor Mr. Welts’ partner was very touching-sometimes the unspoken word/act speaks volumes.

NYS School Administrators’ Pensions Enable Millionaires to Maintain Their Luxury Lifestyles

Wow. This is incredible.

Mr. James H. Hunderfund wins big with over 315k per year pension from the Commack Union Free School District. The school boards responsible for the approval of these ridiculous benefits should be voted out and sued. Reasonableness must be part of the negotiation and contract process.

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Outraged Neighbor, Karen Zachem, Blasts BAR about ‘Faux’ Tudor at 50 Ogden Rd., Scarsdale: No ‘faux’ In My Back Yard-Zachem Wants the Real Thing At Any Cost-PLUS more Village B.S.

Some people just don’t want anything less than expensive and authentic in their backyard even if the extra expense does not support the improvement’s value. This is especially true for Scarsdale residents and the sometimes very callous BAR. Meanwhile, I hope the new court-ordered affordable housing in Scarsdale is located on Ogden Road because the neighbors need to have some reality on their street.

And now…The Scarsdale BAR, Building Department et al must be held accountable for letting these private parties ruin Five Corners….The structure is a joint undertaking by two Scarsdale residents. One of them, Brad Perkins, is a world-(IN) famous architect and the other, Doug Brout, is a (FORMERLY) respected local builder.

One Palmer

Bullying: Words are Worse Than Sticks and Stones by Westport, CT Teen

Update: Video Plea Goes Viral ~HELP These Kids~

YouTube – Words are worse than Sticks and Stones.

Local Coverage of Video

Scarsdale, NY Police Blotter ~ Not Exactly Scary

Beyonce & Jay Z Rumors/Facts on Heathcote Rd, Scarsdale, NY

The photos above are of the house at #9 Heathcote Rd: Near Bey’s place (reportedly)….
B and J reportedly live (when not circling the globe) at #15…AT one time, or not.
9 Heathcote Road sold in a¬†CASH transaction for $10,884,000 ~ Maybe B & J bought it to use as a guest house….New listing at 18 Heathcote for $13M….Hurry.
Grave's 8 Heathcote Rd

Click for story on the Silver’s proposed demolition of the historic Earl Graves estate at 8 Heathcote Rd…..

Old News: Beyonce is expecting…Everybody in Scarsdale has kids !
Blue Ivy Carter Arrives…
Read about Scarsdale on Wikipedia…click it
A new record breaking listing at 2 Cooper Rd…..$16,500,000….

2 Cooper Rd 2 Cooper Rd

Demand for Quality School Superintendents Fuels High Salaries in Metro NYC / Westchester

Demand for quality school superintendents fuels high salaries | The Journal News | lohud.com.



High taxes often mean excellent schools and high scores and success. Private K-12 schools’ tuition is 25k up. Adequately funded public schools are a deal.

Syosset School Superintendent, Carole Hankin, Earns $500k Pay Package While Fresno Super Waives His $800k

NYT Editorial Mentions Syosset S.D.



Syosset school superintendent gets $500,000 pay package – NYPOST.com.

Carole Hankin

Base salary is 386k. At least the schools have excellent scores. It pays to work in an affluent town (That does not explain why Ossining, NY’s Superintendent earns his base). If the town does not want to pay her this salary then the town/district should not have signed the contract. Sure, complain after the fact but the town/district is responsible for allowing this salary/benefit to occur.

In other news...OPPOSITE OF Ms. Hankin's greed:


Journal News Report on Westchester Area Superintendent Salaries

Look up the pensions/salaries of other administrator millionaires~HERE

Governor Cuomo to Propose School Superintendent Salary Cap

Governor Cuomo to Propose School Superintendent Salary Cap | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

This will damage our schools. There is no way that NY public school districts could attract the best administrators with this incredibly low threshold. The Superintendent in my public school district rightly earns over 300k and our district has one of the highest average teacher compensation levels ($100k) and the highest student scores, Ivy League college admission rates, graduation rates, and overall success.