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Jill Kelley a/k/a “Tampa Kardashian” Led Lavish Life Before Ruining Lives

Jill Kelley, key figure in David Petraeus scandal, led lavish life – LA Times.com.

This man (FBI’s Frederick Humphries) seems to know no boundaries….creep:

Tampa Kardashian's friend

RIP Betty Ford, Forthright and Inspirational First Lady, Dies at 93

Betty Ford, Forthright and Inspirational First Lady, Dies at 93 – NYTimes.com.

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Gay Marriage Approved by New York Senate ~ Governor Cuomo Has Signed Bill Into Law

Gay Marriage Approved by New York Senate – NYTimes.com.

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BUT….this does not grant equal rights under federal law…Federal Taxation laws are not the same for gay-marrieds vs. straight-marrieds..and inheritance taxes are also inequitable for gays….Gays have to pay taxes on the value of employer-provided benefits for the same-sex partner whereas straight-marrieds do not (unfair)…and federal employees cannot (because of DOMA etc.) obtain health insurance coverage for their gay-married partners…this is unfair and inequitable and very costly and harmful to gay-married families…Gay Marriage must be sanctioned by our ¬†federal government otherwise certain citizens are treated unfairly…the hateful and bigoted views of the minority should not prevent any citizen from equal rights and protections.

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Tea Party Anger with US Government Subsides. Baggers Should be Angry that Big Business Gets Big Corporate Welfare

Behind the Numbers – Tea party anger with government subsides.

End Corporate Welfare now. Big Oil and NASCAR do not need ongoing Taxpayer funded subsidies. The lobbyists have bought and paid off Republican leaders. Shame. Shame.

Obama joins Wisconsin’s budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill

Too much too soon @ WI

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Obama joins Wisconsin’s budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill.

Public workers sure need to pay a higher percentage of healthcare premiums and pensions than they do now. Enact a gradual increase and create new tiers for new-hires (with higher contribution percentages). The bully governor needs to back off and re-think his toxic ideas. Public servants are not villains but the GOP is certainly casting them as such.

Insurance reality hits House GOP – OBAMACARES

Insurance reality hits House GOP – POLITICO.com Print View.

Well, well, well. Government funded is no different than when a company pays a share of its employees health care…the employer in this case is the Government-so of course, the Government is paying a share. And, I hope that these idiots realize that it is expensive and hard to obtain private health insurance…without pre-existing clauses. I only wish that the new health care plan included a public option.