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NYS School Administrators’ Pensions Enable Millionaires to Maintain Their Luxury Lifestyles

Wow. This is incredible.

Mr. James H. Hunderfund wins big with over 315k per year pension from the Commack Union Free School District. The school boards responsible for the approval of these ridiculous benefits should be voted out and sued. Reasonableness must be part of the negotiation and contract process.

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For Union Families, a Loss of Value Beyond Bank Accounts

For union families, a loss of value beyond bank accounts – The Washington Post.


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Terrible loss of value. These people save lives and teach our children. They did not cause the recession-Wall Street and the Banking Industry did.

Rand Paul Falsely Claims That Federal Workers Don’t Contribute To Their Pension And Health Care Plans

ThinkProgress » Rand Paul Falsely Claims That Public Workers Don’t Contribute To Their Pension And Health Care Plans.

I contribute a lot to my healthcare and pension…and I can’t get coverage for my whole family because of the unconstitutional DOMA. Rand Paul-you are an idiot and a liar.