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Barack Obama is Re-Elected


Barack Obama for Re-Election – NYTimes.com.

…..For these and many other reasons, we enthusiastically endorse President Barack Obama for a second term, and express the hope that his victory will be accompanied by a new Congress willing to work for policies that Americans need.

The Boston Globe Endorses Barack Obama….

Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance – US (Healthcare) is Inferior to Other Developed Nations

Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance – NYTimes.com.


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COBRA costs is outrageous and not permanent and how do I get coverage for my unmarried partner through my employer? Inequitable, prejudiced, expensive and barbaric. Business and current government laws are burdensome for many and totally unfair.


Insurance reality hits House GOP – OBAMACARES

Insurance reality hits House GOP – POLITICO.com Print View.

Well, well, well. Government funded is no different than when a company pays a share of its employees health care…the employer in this case is the Government-so of course, the Government is paying a share. And, I hope that these idiots realize that it is expensive and hard to obtain private health insurance…without pre-existing clauses. I only wish that the new health care plan included a public option.