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“If/Then” Opening Night at the Richard Rodgers Theater 3/30/14


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Chicago Tribune review…..

Time commentary…on New York based shows….

Stevie Nicks, the Fairy Godmother of Rock Who’s Following Her Muse to 24 Karat Gold

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Stevie Nicks "The Dealer"

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Stevie Nicks to receive the prestigious BMI Icon award in May, 2014…..

Stevie and other great female singers gather to honor Linda Ronstadt at Rock Hall of Fame Induction….

Stevie and Lady Antebellum to sing together on ACM’s on 4/6/14. Plus LA’s new single “Golden” features Stevie….

Stevie and Jimmy Fallon perform “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”……….

Stevie Nicks Joins “The Voice” Season 7…..

Stevie Nicks to release new album 10/7/14 : “24 Karat Gold”…..

Stevie Nicks in 2014

Click for New York Times interview: “Stevie Nicks, Just Following Her Muse”

Ten reasons why we love Stevie Nicks….Read it here at “PasteMagazine.com”….

 Stevie Nicks, the Fairy Godmother of Rock….

Stevie Nicks wants to pen songs for “Game of Thrones”….

Dave Stewart's Tweet of Stevie Nicks in Nashville

At Jones Beach, Stevie Nicks dedicates “Landslide” to the article’s author-“she got it”

Yes, Jada Yuan got it right…more on Ms. Yuan…

Stevie Nicks, Godmother of Rock-NY Magazine

Stevie Nicks, Godmother of Rock

Backup Singers Are the Focus of ’20 Feet From Stardom’

Backup Singers Are the Focus of ’20 Feet From Stardom’ – NYTimes.com.

Lisa Fischer, Singer


Stevie Nicks wouldn’t be Stevie Nicks without the loyal backup support from her sister-in-law, Lori Nicks, and Sharon Celani.

Barack Obama is Re-Elected


Barack Obama for Re-Election – NYTimes.com.

…..For these and many other reasons, we enthusiastically endorse President Barack Obama for a second term, and express the hope that his victory will be accompanied by a new Congress willing to work for policies that Americans need.

The Boston Globe Endorses Barack Obama….

The Real Romney – by David Brooks (Plus Other Articles Exposing Mittens)

The Real Romney – NYTimes.com.

The Salt Lake Tribune Endorses President Obama…WOW

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Some Words About Ann….

Binders Full of Women…

Chris Christie…Is Still FAT…


Tornado Hits Springfield as Violent Storms Sweep Across Massachusetts

Tornado hits Springfield as violent storms sweep across state.

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Rick Welts, A Sports Executive Leaves the Safety of His Shadow Life

A Sports Executive Leaves the Safety of His Shadow Life – NYTimes.com.

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Why do people have to hide? Because a lot of people are haters and homophobes. What David Stern did to honor Mr. Welts’ partner was very touching-sometimes the unspoken word/act speaks volumes.

In Osama bin Laden’s Compound, Seals’ All-Star Team: Elite of the Elite

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Mad Men and Mad Women ~ Maureen Dowd

Mad Men and Mad Women – NYTimes.com.

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“Republicans hate social engineering, unless they’re doing it.”

“One thing independents like to be independent of is government meddling in their personal lives.”

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”

Outraged Neighbor, Karen Zachem, Blasts BAR about ‘Faux’ Tudor at 50 Ogden Rd., Scarsdale: No ‘faux’ In My Back Yard-Zachem Wants the Real Thing At Any Cost-PLUS more Village B.S.

Some people just don’t want anything less than expensive and authentic in their backyard even if the extra expense does not support the improvement’s value. This is especially true for Scarsdale residents and the sometimes very callous BAR. Meanwhile, I hope the new court-ordered affordable housing in Scarsdale is located on Ogden Road because the neighbors need to have some reality on their street.

And now…The Scarsdale BAR, Building Department et al must be held accountable for letting these private parties ruin Five Corners….The structure is a joint undertaking by two Scarsdale residents. One of them, Brad Perkins, is a world-(IN) famous architect and the other, Doug Brout, is a (FORMERLY) respected local builder.

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