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The Real Romney – by David Brooks (Plus Other Articles Exposing Mittens)

The Real Romney – NYTimes.com.

The Salt Lake Tribune Endorses President Obama…WOW

Click for Op-Ed by David Brooks…

Some Words About Ann….

Binders Full of Women…

Chris Christie…Is Still FAT…



Mitt Romney: Tweaking his Image by Shopping at Wal-Mart and Attending NASCAR

Mitt Romney: Tweaking his image for 2012 presidential run – latimes.com.

Mitt Romney

Click the flip-flopper for the story...

Cannot be trusted. He’s a flip-flopper and the US is not ready for another Bill Henrickson in an elected office. I’ll give him one credit: RomneyCare in Massachusetts. Also, he needs to tell his silver spoon sons to go out and get real jobs.