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Now On Broadway: ‘Other Desert Cities’ ~ New York Times Review

‘Other Desert Cities’ at Booth Theater – Review – NYTimes.com.

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I’ve got tickets (3rd row center)…I’m looking forward to seeing this play…but exchanged them because Ms. Channing was out due to an injury. I have tickets to a show in two weeks (but the seats are not like these (below):


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‘Spider-Man – Turn Off the Dark’ Opens After Changes (A Lot of _____ Changes)

‘Spider-Man – Turn Off the Dark’ Opens After Changes – Review – NYTimes.com.


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‘Spider-Man – Turn Off the Dark’ – Review – “I saw ‘Spider-Man’ and slept”


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‘Spider-Man – Turn Off the Dark’ at Foxwoods Theater – Review – NYTimes.com.

I’ll save my money and pass….there are so many other GOOD shows on and Off Broadway…and Off-Off Broadway.