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Anthony Weiner Is Your New Topless Congressman (Former)

Anthony Weiner Is Your New Topless Congressman – Gawker.

Anthony Weiner

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Rep. Weiner Resigns…click for the exit story…

Weiner is gonna be a daddy…Click for the story.

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More Weiner Pics via TMZ….at the Gym!

The picture of a picture of the XXX Full Monty….

Jindal Foundation Offers Ties to Politicians – Shady Deals for Access in Louisiana

Charities Like Jindal Foundation Offer Tie to Politicians – NYTimes.com.

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Shady. Shady. Sound like another Republican conflict of interest not unlike Justice Thomas’ wife’s dealings. It may not be improper but it certainly looks improper. The appearance of impropriety is not good. Follow the money.