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Young Couples Having Sex In Public and On Camera…..

New: Another public sex couple….Delaware St. Patrick’s Dat Dumpster Banging….Click for story and videos.St Pat's Dumpster Sex Couple

USC Rooftop Sex Dude Has Apparently Gone Into Hiding.

Click for details about these Trojans

What is he doing? Click for more pics…

Kasey Carpenter-With his clothes on?

Bullying: Words are Worse Than Sticks and Stones by Westport, CT Teen

Update: Video Plea Goes Viral ~HELP These Kids~

YouTube – Words are worse than Sticks and Stones.

Local Coverage of Video

Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks to Rehearse Tour at West Palm Beach, FL High School and Students will Help

Click on this classic picture of Stevie for the story…

This is a real life ‘Glee’ story…sort of…


UPDATE: Show cancelled due to Rod’s illness!

3/20/11 Show Cancelled-Rod is Sick!