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Update: Town Ok’s Smaller Plan Whereas Previously, Disgruntled Developers Tell Chappaqua / New Castle to Take the Reader’s Digest Property and Buy It!

Click for NYT article by Elsa Brenner

UPDATE: New Castle Approves a Smaller Plan

Disgruntled Developers Tell Town to Take This Land and Buy It! – Lawsuits – Curbed NY.

Chappaqua Reader's Digest

What a waste of time for everyone. This would have been a perfect site for a mixed use development as it is an expansive and beautiful site . The site nearly abuts the Horace Greeley High School and the area is certainly not a secluded quiet area of Chappaqua. It is not far from the Clintons very modest home and a large private golf club. New condos have not been developed in this tony village for a long time. Seniors and other down-sizers need options. New Castle’s only moderate income property is located on the other side of town-on top of the Taconic State Parkway-So we know how the town feels about those with less than average Chappaqua income levels. Shame on you New Castle. I hope the court orders a fair and high forced sales price.