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The Real Romney – by David Brooks (Plus Other Articles Exposing Mittens)

The Real Romney – NYTimes.com.

The Salt Lake Tribune Endorses President Obama…WOW

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Some Words About Ann….

Binders Full of Women…

Chris Christie…Is Still FAT…


Orlando GOP Debate Crowd Boos US Soldier Stephen Hill

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What a disgusting debate audience….Mr. Hill is risking his life for these people?

Paul Ryan’s Irresponsible Budget ~ Dana Milbank

Paul Ryan’s dogmatic budget – The Washington Post.

Dana Milbank

Ryan’s proposal isn’t a budget. It’s a manifesto for the anti-tax cause.

Tim Pawlenty’s Two-Faced Fiscal Claims Don’t Always Jibe with His MN Record

Tim Pawlenty: Former Gov. Tim Pawlentys fiscal claims dont always jibe with Minnesotas record – latimes.com.

Liar Tim Pawlenty

Two-faced liar. Typical GOP.

GOP Denny Rehberg: Pell Grants Are Becoming The Welfare Of The 21st Century

Denny Rehberg

Here is another attempt to push down the struggling…I used Pell Grants and went on to earn 2 MS degrees and have never been on welfare. He’s a fool. The GOP are fools. Class war at its worst.

U.S. Economy Growing Faster Than Rivals, But Creating Far Fewer Jobs

U.S. Economy Growing Faster Than Rivals, But Creating Far Fewer Jobs.

Well, I’m not surprised. Two friends told me that their US Multi-National employers are not filling open positions with US employees: Both are outsourcing the jobs to India and pushing more work onto the remaining US staff..this is how the rich get richer and the working class suffers. And, if your employer is General Electric (GE) then the contribution to the US Treasury is zero and the company actually benefits from ongoing Corporate Welfare.

IL GOP Congresswoman, Judy Biggert, to Democrats: Stop Talking About Jobs

Daily Kos: GOP congresswoman to Democrats: Stop talking about jobs.

Judy Biggert

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy: I’m Struggling On My $174K Salary! Cut Other Public Servants’ Wages Instead!

GOP Rep: Im Struggling On My $174K Salary VIDEO | TPMDC.

Sean Duffy

Conservatives: We Are Being Outworked And Out-Organized In WI Recall Campaigns

Conservatives: We Are Being Outworked And Out-Organized In Wisconsin Recall Campaigns.


Recalls are popular…we must undo mistakes.

Fidelity to Close Marlborough, MA Offices

Fidelity to close Marlborough offices, move jobs.

Scott Brown-on your watch.