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GSA Scandal: Pig Jeff Neely Invokes the 5th At Congressional Hearing

GSA Pig Jeff Neely is Out at GSA…Finally.
GSA scandal: Jeff Neely declines to testify at start of first House hearing – The Washington Post.
Read about this pig’s fun in Las Vegas…

He is for sure now in a hot tub

This guy is a total whore. Using public funds in this manner is disgusting. He should be shamed into oblivion ASAP. Without pay and after repaying the taxpayers.

Enjoying themselves on the public dime

What an idiot

Boston Red Sox – Meet the 2011 Red Sox ~ NO POSTSEASON FOR BOSOX

Boston Red Sox – Meet the 2011 Red Sox – Boston.com.

Boston Red Sox

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THEO Epstein is OUT!!!



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The Official site of The Boston Red Sox

Fidelity to Close Marlborough, MA Offices

Fidelity to close Marlborough offices, move jobs.

Scott Brown-on your watch.

Julie Taymor Will Leave Spider-Man

Producer Suggests That Julie Taymor Will Leave Spider-Man – NYTimes.com.