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Jill Kelley a/k/a “Tampa Kardashian” Led Lavish Life Before Ruining Lives

Jill Kelley, key figure in David Petraeus scandal, led lavish life – LA Times.com.

This man (FBI’s Frederick Humphries) seems to know no boundaries….creep:

Tampa Kardashian's friend

James Whitey Bulger Arrested: 16 Year Search Ends in Santa Monica

James Whitey Bulger arrested: 16 year search ends in Santa Monica – Boston.com.

Click for story....


Click for the moll's story...She still owns this house and the taxes are current!


$So close!

I was just in that area of Santa Monica…I wish I found Whitey…The reward money is good!

The FBI Is Investigating Scientology for Human Trafficking

The FBI Is Investigating Scientology for Human Trafficking.

Scientology Honcho

Scientology will need more of Tom's money to fight this. Click for story.

The Scientology cult has great real estate (location,location,location) in major cities…maybe they’ll have to sell..or ask Tom Cruise and John Travolta for more Xenu funds.