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Anthony Weiner Is Your New Topless Congressman (Former)

Anthony Weiner Is Your New Topless Congressman – Gawker.

Anthony Weiner

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Rep. Weiner Resigns…click for the exit story…

Weiner is gonna be a daddy…Click for the story.

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More Weiner Pics via TMZ….at the Gym!

The picture of a picture of the XXX Full Monty….

PR’s GOP Roberto Arango is the Grindr On-All-Fours Dude and GOP Chris Lee is The Craigslist Congressman

The Craigslist Congressman and the Crossdressing Prostitute.

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Perv. Liar. GOP.

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Click for what this two-faced GOPer has to say....(I guess he's a bottom)..

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Married Conservative Anti-LGBT NY Congressman Chris Lee Resigns Following Craigslist M4W ads

Congressman Chris Lee Resigns Following Gawker Revelation.

Two-faced jerk. CL age well below actual age…liar.

How Tech Tools Transformed NYC’s Sex Trade-Sex Cost by Area

How Tech Tools Transformed New York’s Sex Trade | Magazine¬†| Wired.com.


Use one..or two..or three