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Only Little People Pay Taxes: Tax Day 2011 ~ Pay Your Fair Share, Please

Only Little People Pay Taxes | Mother Jones.

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The Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy have caused 2/3 of the current deficit. Stop it!!!!

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US Progressive Government Replaced with GOP Redistributionist Government?

The end of progressive government? – The Washington Post.

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Barack Obama Announces His Candidacy for 2012

Official Site for POTUS Re-Election

Tim Pawlenty’s Two-Faced Fiscal Claims Don’t Always Jibe with His MN Record

Tim Pawlenty: Former Gov. Tim Pawlentys fiscal claims dont always jibe with Minnesotas record – latimes.com.

Liar Tim Pawlenty

Two-faced liar. Typical GOP.

Managers Reap Big 2010 Pay Even at Lagging Hedge Funds

Managers Reap Big 2010 Pay Even at Lagging Hedge Funds – NYTimes.com.

J.P. Morgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon Is Whining Again

Oh No!!! Reputation is shattered by 2,000,000,000 loss !
Jamie Dimon Is Whining Again.
Read Vanity Fair’s article (10/12)….

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Mr. & Mrs. Rich Bankers at the White House…Click for Wiki..

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Poor Jamie…Here are some of their other Real Estate woes:

Slimy Chicago Real Estate and Other Holdings

U.S. Economy Growing Faster Than Rivals, But Creating Far Fewer Jobs

U.S. Economy Growing Faster Than Rivals, But Creating Far Fewer Jobs.

Well, I’m not surprised. Two friends told me that their US Multi-National employers are not filling open positions with US employees: Both are outsourcing the jobs to India and pushing more work onto the remaining US staff..this is how the rich get richer and the working class suffers. And, if your employer is General Electric (GE) then the contribution to the US Treasury is zero and the company actually benefits from ongoing Corporate Welfare.

IL GOP Congresswoman, Judy Biggert, to Democrats: Stop Talking About Jobs

Daily Kos: GOP congresswoman to Democrats: Stop talking about jobs.

Judy Biggert

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy: I’m Struggling On My $174K Salary! Cut Other Public Servants’ Wages Instead!

GOP Rep: Im Struggling On My $174K Salary VIDEO | TPMDC.

Sean Duffy

Wisconsin Union Law Published In Violation of Court Order

UPDATE: Courts Speak

Wisconsin Union Law Published Despite Court Order.