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Christchurch Earthquake Memorial Announced

Earthquake memorial announced – Business – NZ Herald News.


Prime Minister John Key this afternoon announced a national memorial service for those who died in the Christchurch earthquake, after today’s announcement that the rescue operation was now a recovery operation.

Christchurch Mourners Thank Men Who Tried to Save Earthquake Victim

Mourners thank men who tried to save quake victim – National – NZ Herald News.

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New Zealand Earthquake: Christchurch’s ‘Earthquake Mayor’ Rallies a Shaken City

New Zealand earthquake: New Zealand’s ‘Earthquake Mayor’ rallies a shaken city – latimes.com.

Christchurch's Mayor

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I’ve heard that Christchurch is a beautiful city. My friend was in Auckland when the quake hit and her family was very concerned for her safety. Good luck to the survivors and rescuers.