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NYS School Administrators’ Pensions Enable Millionaires to Maintain Their Luxury Lifestyles

Wow. This is incredible.

Mr. James H. Hunderfund wins big with over 315k per year pension from the Commack Union Free School District. The school boards responsible for the approval of these ridiculous benefits should be voted out and sued. Reasonableness must be part of the negotiation and contract process.

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Bullying: Words are Worse Than Sticks and Stones by Westport, CT Teen

Update: Video Plea Goes Viral ~HELP These Kids~

YouTube – Words are worse than Sticks and Stones.

Local Coverage of Video

Governor Cuomo to Propose School Superintendent Salary Cap

Governor Cuomo to Propose School Superintendent Salary Cap | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

This will damage our schools. There is no way that NY public school districts could attract the best administrators with this incredibly low threshold. The Superintendent in my public school district rightly earns over 300k and our district has one of the highest average teacher compensation levels ($100k) and the highest student scores, Ivy League college admission rates, graduation rates, and overall success.

Update: Town Ok’s Smaller Plan Whereas Previously, Disgruntled Developers Tell Chappaqua / New Castle to Take the Reader’s Digest Property and Buy It!

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UPDATE: New Castle Approves a Smaller Plan

Disgruntled Developers Tell Town to Take This Land and Buy It! – Lawsuits – Curbed NY.

Chappaqua Reader's Digest

What a waste of time for everyone. This would have been a perfect site for a mixed use development as it is an expansive and beautiful site . The site nearly abuts the Horace Greeley High School and the area is certainly not a secluded quiet area of Chappaqua. It is not far from the Clintons very modest home and a large private golf club. New condos have not been developed in this tony village for a long time. Seniors and other down-sizers need options. New Castle’s only moderate income property is located on the other side of town-on top of the Taconic State Parkway-So we know how the town feels about those with less than average Chappaqua income levels. Shame on you New Castle. I hope the court orders a fair and high forced sales price.