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9-11-11 Yarmouth, Cape Cod

Ten years later. Same beautiful clear blue sky. Peace.


Cape Cod Sunset Before Irene’s Arrival


Herring Cove Beach

Look how peaceful and calm things are here on Cape Cod/Provincetown-one day before Irene.

Schwarzenegger-Shriver Split: Contrasting Narratives of the Marriage’s Unraveling

Schwarzenegger-Shriver split: Contrasting narratives of the marriages unraveling – latimes.com.

Shriver and Governor Arnold

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I remember being on the Cape and in the Hyannis area the day of the wedding…like so many other Kennedy events on the Cape, this event drew huge crowds and television coverage.

Maria has a residence in Hyannisport…and MA needs a strong Democrat Senate candidate…run, Maria, run.

Nuclear Power Plants: Ranking Americas Most Vulnerable

Nuclear Power Plants: Ranking Americas Most Vulnerable – The Daily Beast.

US Nuclear Risks

Too close to too many.