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The Beverly Hills Hotel’s New Presidential Bungalows ~ Three Nights Equals U.S. Average Household Income

Beverly Hills Hotel

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A peek inside the Beverly Hills Hotels new Presidential Bungalows – latimes.com.

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July 4th Fireworks: 15 of the Biggest Shows in America

July 4th Fireworks: 15 of the Biggest Shows in America Ranked PHOTOS – AOL Travel News.

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The Five Best Fireworks Viewing Sites in NYC

594 South Mapleton Drive (The Manor) in Bel Air / Holmby Hills Buyer ($150M+/-) is 22 Years Old

594 South MAPLETON Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024 | MLS# 10-476217.

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Schwarzenegger-Shriver Split: Contrasting Narratives of the Marriage’s Unraveling

Schwarzenegger-Shriver split: Contrasting narratives of the marriages unraveling – latimes.com.

Shriver and Governor Arnold

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I remember being on the Cape and in the Hyannis area the day of the wedding…like so many other Kennedy events on the Cape, this event drew huge crowds and television coverage.

Maria has a residence in Hyannisport…and MA needs a strong Democrat Senate candidate…run, Maria, run.

Marilyn Monroe: Exhibit Shows Little-Known Life of Marilyn Monroe on Catalina Island

Marilyn Monroe: Exhibit shows little-known life of Marilyn Monroe on Catalina Island – latimes.com.

Catalina Island Marilyn Monroe

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New Exhibit by Pattie Boyd-Read Los Angeles Times Story here….

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Young Couples Having Sex In Public and On Camera…..

New: Another public sex couple….Delaware St. Patrick’s Dat Dumpster Banging….Click for story and videos.St Pat's Dumpster Sex Couple

USC Rooftop Sex Dude Has Apparently Gone Into Hiding.

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Kasey Carpenter-With his clothes on?

26848 Pacific Coast Highway at Only $250,000 per MONTH – Malibu, CA Real Estate

via Top 3 Most Expensive Malibu Vacation Rentals | The Malibu Real Estate Blog.

26848 Pacific Coast Highway

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Or, try the Hamptons-the water is much warmer.

CA Law Calls For Stricter Prison Cell Phone Rules : WTF?

Cell Phones in Prison

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Calif. Law Calls For Stricter Prison Cell Phone Rules : NPR.

This is ridiculous. Guards are supplying the phones to inmates and making a lot of money. Even Charles Manson has/had a phone. The inmates on ‘OZ’ did not have phones!