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Lindsey Buckingham Has Exquisite Taste in Women and Real Estate

The Real Estalker: Is Lindsey Buckingham Downsizing?.

Buckingham's Brentwood

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Here is the MLS listing….

Mr. Buckingham buys THIRD Brentwood home…….at 361 North Saltair Ave.

361 N Saltair - Buckingham

This is Mr. Buckingham’s current Brentwood Manse:

Buckingham's Brentwood Mansion

It’s big….but not as large as his old Bel Air Estate

N. Saltair Avenue

This looks like an ordinary street, but, behind the walls and gates, it is different.

299 N. Saltair Avenue

I guess this place will be for sale after the new place is built….

163 S. Rockingham Ave., Brentwood Was Phyllis Diller’s Estate / For Sale $12.9M

Read about the icon’s home – L.A. Times ~

Listing link ~

163 S Rockingham Rd

Lindsey Buckingham Live at Tarrytown Music Hall

Live at Tarrytown Music Hall. Now. Then (6/9/12)

Lindsey Buckingham’s New Website, Tour Schedule, and Review

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Click for review of 9/27/11 Town Hall concert...

Click for tickets to Lindsey’s 11/4/11 Interview at The 92nd St Y

Live with Stevie Nicks at The Wiltern Theater:

Schwarzenegger-Shriver Split: Contrasting Narratives of the Marriage’s Unraveling

Schwarzenegger-Shriver split: Contrasting narratives of the marriages unraveling – latimes.com.

Shriver and Governor Arnold

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Click for story about the other woman/ employee/ mother of...

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I remember being on the Cape and in the Hyannis area the day of the wedding…like so many other Kennedy events on the Cape, this event drew huge crowds and television coverage.

Maria has a residence in Hyannisport…and MA needs a strong Democrat Senate candidate…run, Maria, run.

NYS School Administrators’ Pensions Enable Millionaires to Maintain Their Luxury Lifestyles

Wow. This is incredible.

Mr. James H. Hunderfund wins big with over 315k per year pension from the Commack Union Free School District. The school boards responsible for the approval of these ridiculous benefits should be voted out and sued. Reasonableness must be part of the negotiation and contract process.

Click for NYS public employee payrolls/pensions

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Patriot Tom Brady Buys and Sells and Builds East and West Coast Homes

Brady Passes Time Warner Pad to Rolling-Papers Patriot | The New York Observer.

Time Warner Center

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Tom purchased the unit in 2006 for $14M…and he has also purchased an estate in Brookline, Boston’s Back Bay, and a large piece of land in LA….Football pays..or is it that modeling pays?

Broker Listing for the NYC Condo

Tom and Gisele’s Brentwood Mansion is finally completed….Click here to see the Chalon Rd. spread…

Tom Brady's 12780 Chalon Rd Estate, Brentwood

Gwyneth Paltrow On Glee: Sings Stevie Nicks’ Iconic Landslide

Gwyneth Paltrow On Glee: Sings Landslide VIDEO.

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Good execution and great song.


Click here for Gwyneth’s new Los Angeles area mansion….

Paltrow - Martin