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Cameron Diaz in ‘Bad Teacher’ ~ LOL Funny

Cameron Diaz in ‘Bad Teacher’ – Review – NYTimes.com.

'Bad Teacher' Cameron Diaz and Lucy Punch

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A Review of National Amusement’s deceptive co-advertising:

Had fun with the big exception that National Amusement’s Showcase Cinema de Luxe in White Plains, New York, practices false advertising (and/or bait and switch)…the MoviePhone listing for the theater showed all the movie times but National Amusements DOES NOT indicate on their MoviePhone listings that certain shows are ‘Director’s Hall’. I parked and paid for a set period of time becuase we planned on seeing a certain showtime..but when I tried to buy the ticket (an adult and child), the clerk said that that show was ‘Director’s Hall’ and cost an incredible $14 (RIP OFF) for each ticket (no child discount)…and the staff and manager would not agree that their ad was misleading (I pulled it up on my iPad for proof) and the totally unbending and unsatisfactory staff advised me see the later show (half hour later) for the regular price..which was unacceptable since I did not pay for enough parking time and did not want to wait around an extra half hour with a teenager. National Amusements and their Showcase Theaters suck. My letter to the rip-off artists at National Amusements will be sent tonight. UPDATE: Free passes to another show and an apology. Thanks.

Anthony Weiner Is Your New Topless Congressman (Former)

Anthony Weiner Is Your New Topless Congressman – Gawker.

Anthony Weiner

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Rep. Weiner Resigns…click for the exit story…

Weiner is gonna be a daddy…Click for the story.

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More Weiner Pics via TMZ….at the Gym!

The picture of a picture of the XXX Full Monty….

Philippa Middleton ~ She’s A Beauty ~ Just Don’t Call Her Pippa

Oh No….Topless Kate:

Pippa Middleton – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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LOOK: Pippa’s Summer Style!!

Post Nuptial Partying ~ Pippa and the Girls (click it)

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Click for story on Pippa’s dirty dancing photos…

OH NO!!!! A Gun?!?!