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Lindsey Buckingham Has Exquisite Taste in Women and Real Estate

The Real Estalker: Is Lindsey Buckingham Downsizing?.

Buckingham's Brentwood

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Here is the MLS listing….

Mr. Buckingham buys THIRD Brentwood home…….at 361 North Saltair Ave.

361 N Saltair - Buckingham

This is Mr. Buckingham’s current Brentwood Manse:

Buckingham's Brentwood Mansion

It’s big….but not as large as his old Bel Air Estate

N. Saltair Avenue

This looks like an ordinary street, but, behind the walls and gates, it is different.

299 N. Saltair Avenue

I guess this place will be for sale after the new place is built….

594 South Mapleton Drive (The Manor) in Bel Air / Holmby Hills Buyer ($150M+/-) is 22 Years Old

594 South MAPLETON Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024 | MLS# 10-476217.

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Bel Air Home of Elizabeth Taylor is Listed For $8.6M

Elizabeth Taylor: Home of Elizabeth Taylor on market for $8.6 million – latimes.com.

Elizabeth Taylor's Estate

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