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Define American ~ Jose Antonio Vargas

Define American.

Jose Antinio Vargas

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Some Undocumented Workers Pay U.S. Taxes ~ Trying to Follow The Law With Hope of Gaining Citizenship

Some undocumented workers still pay U.S. taxes | Marketplace From American Public Media.

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Many pay social security taxes, FICA, and income taxes without ever receiving any benefit. Taxation without representation. This is definitely a revenue source within the U.S. budget. Unfair. Reform immigration law and pass the Dream Act.

Debating the Impact of Anchor Babies

Panelists Debate Impact of Anchor Babies | United States | Epoch Times.

Another issue is the DREAM ACT…these young immigrants need a pathway to legal status.

Illegal Immigrant Students Worry After Dream Act Loss

Illegal Immigrant Students Worry After Dream Act Loss – NYTimes.com.

These students need an immediate pathway to legal status. It is unconscionable to deport otherwise lawful students who, for reasons entirely out of their control, are in the United States.

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The DREAM ACT Portal


USA welcomes...some


Jose Antonio Vargas reveals his secret….