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Eight Questions about Heroin and the Death of P.S.H.

Eight questions about heroin and the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman – The Washington Post.

The article above cites the following as what happens when one takes heroin….it sounds like something better than sex…But, of course these feelings fade with the addiction and then, maybe, you’ll die.

A short but powerful “rush” and then a high that lasts four to five hours. It is described as a warm, drowsy, cozy state. People report a profound sense of satisfaction, as though all needs were fulfilled. There is also a pleasant state of mild dizziness that is not as impairing as alcohol’s effects, and a sense of ‘distancing’ or apathy toward whatever is going on in the environment.

Philip Seymour Hoffman


PSH Coroner

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Amy Winehouse, British Soul Singer, Dies at 27

Amy Winehouse, British Soul Singer, Dies at 27 – NYTimes.com.

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Sad. She was a great talent.

The Times’ music critic Jon Parales sums up Winehouse’s impact nicely:

Her self-destruction was a deep loss to listeners. Ms. Winehouse was no manufactured pop commodity. She was a genuine musician: one of the very small handful of British singers whose version of American soul music had a gutsiness and flair far beyond what could be studied.In her music, Ms. Winehouse could sketch out her troubles and laugh them off, with a resilient beat and that insouciant flutter in her voice. Outside the recording studio, as a human being separate from her art, Ms. Winehouse couldn’t do that. Her songs, it turned out, would be wiser than she was.

Stevie Nicks Talks About Amy Winehouse

RIP Betty Ford, Forthright and Inspirational First Lady, Dies at 93

Betty Ford, Forthright and Inspirational First Lady, Dies at 93 – NYTimes.com.

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