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UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop Lt. John Pike Is Now An Internet Sensation But He is Rightfully Ruined

UC Davis pepper spray video: Two officers suspended | Mail Online.

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Peaceful protestors are pepper sprayed…Lt. John Pike crossed the line…he is ruined and OWS is strengthened.

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PSU Board Of Trustees: Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier Fired. Sandusky is a Rapist

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Pigs. Rapists. Enablers. Students in Denial. Hang Them.

Thank You MTA Conductor! Ms. Hermon Raju Kicked Off Train for Talking On Cell Phone

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Hermon Raju is a ‘well-educated’ Metro North rider..who is very rude and does not like to follow the rules of civility. MTA rules state that cell phone use or other audible disturbances are not allowed on the train. Congratulations and thank you to the MTA conductor. THANKS. Thanks.

One more than one occasion I’ve asked people to lower their conversations (on Metro North, Hospital ERs, restaurants, and Starbucks)…I really cannot stand rude cell phone users…People, a whisper works just fine…or take it outside. It can wait. My problem is that I cannot ask with a lot of sweetness…Rude people suck.

Ms. Raju speaks out….again.


Here is a screen-shot of the rudest passenger’s Linkedin profile: She needs to add ‘worst person’ award to her profile.

John Edwards Charged in Felony Indictment

John Edwards Charges Appear Likely Friday –

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Young Couples Having Sex In Public and On Camera…..

New: Another public sex couple….Delaware St. Patrick’s Dat Dumpster Banging….Click for story and videos.St Pat's Dumpster Sex Couple

USC Rooftop Sex Dude Has Apparently Gone Into Hiding.

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Kasey Carpenter-With his clothes on?

F.D.I.C. Sues Kerry Killinger & David Schneider in Washington Mutual Bank Collapse

F.D.I.C. Sues Kerry Killinger in Washington Mutual Collapse –


Eddy Coello, Ex-Cop Husband of Slain Tina Adovasio: Maximum Sentence

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Eddy is tormented in jail…TOO BAD!
UPDATE 3/22/11: Husband Arrested
Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend Sites Past Abuse
Eddy Coello, ex-cop husband of slain Tina Adovasio, questioned by police, refuses to hand over a DNA sample –
Eddy Coello

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Update: Tina Adovasio Was A Much Loved Person

Tina Adovasio

Update: Tina Adovasio’s Family Reacts

Ex-Mayor of White Plains Adam Bradley Gets 3 Years Probation in Wife-Abuse Case

Ex-mayor Adam Bradley gets 3 years probation in wife-abuse case | The Journal News |

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Interview with Bernie Madoff by Steve Fishman

The Brian Lehrer Show: Talking to Madoff – WNYC.

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Hear the crook’s voice. Hear his attempt to justify his actions (sort of). Hear the douche recount his brazen business practices.

Anti-LGBT Leader, Rev. Grant Storms Charged with Public Obscenity

Southern Decadence protest leader booked with masturbating at Metairie park |

Creep. Perv. ‘Christian’ hater.