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Eight Questions about Heroin and the Death of P.S.H.

Eight questions about heroin and the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman – The Washington Post.

The article above cites the following as what happens when one takes heroin….it sounds like something better than sex…But, of course these feelings fade with the addiction and then, maybe, you’ll die.

A short but powerful “rush” and then a high that lasts four to five hours. It is described as a warm, drowsy, cozy state. People report a profound sense of satisfaction, as though all needs were fulfilled. There is also a pleasant state of mild dizziness that is not as impairing as alcohol’s effects, and a sense of ‘distancing’ or apathy toward whatever is going on in the environment.

Philip Seymour Hoffman


PSH Coroner

Click for NYT story about PSH’s final days…


Prescription Rx abuse could lead to Heroin…Read the NYT article here…..

Naked Mole Rat’s Genetic Code Laid Bare: It’s Cute and Hairless and Cold

Naked Mole Rats Genetic Code Laid Bare : NPR.

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E. Coli Strain Was Previously Unknown, Official Says

E. Coli Strain Was Previously Unknown, Official Says –

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Says There Is No Need To Suffer Silently – Bipolar is Not Shameful

Catherine Zeta-Jones says there is no need to suffer silently –

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Mental illness is not a crime. Mental illness is not shameful. Insurers’ lack of coverage is a crime and is shameful.

Home Care and Hospice Nurses, Aides and Providers March on Washington to Ensure the Right of US Home Care

Home care and hospice nurses, aides and providers march on Washington to ensure the right of every American to be cared for in their home.

We should have options.

Like father, like ‘Swan’ ~ Natalie Portman’s Dad is a Fertility MD and Writer

Like father, like ‘Swan’ –

Hershlag Family

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Smart, classy, and successful.

Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance – US (Healthcare) is Inferior to Other Developed Nations

Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance –


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COBRA costs is outrageous and not permanent and how do I get coverage for my unmarried partner through my employer? Inequitable, prejudiced, expensive and barbaric. Business and current government laws are burdensome for many and totally unfair.


Alarming Findings About Hospital Monitors : Over 200 Deaths in Five Years



Alarming Findings About Hospital Monitors : Shots – Health Blog : NPR.

Beep. Beep. Buzzzzz. Over-used sounds. Dangerously over-used.

Anxiety Addicts? Xanax or Jumpy?

Anxiety Addicts.

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Who wants to be nervous all of the time? Apparently, some people.

Accident survivor Sarah Doherty designs adventure aids



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Taunton native designs adventure aids – Taunton, MA – The Taunton Gazette.

I remember when this remarkable person was tragically struck by a car. She has led an amazing life.

Ms. Doherty to be honored by Girls Inc….