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Terror at the Boston Marathon

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 I am a Bostonian. I attended college and grad school in Boston. My first professional job was on Boylston Street across from Copley Square. My first date with my partner was at the Prudential Center on Boylston Street. I’ve attended a few Boston Marathons. I have had many more firsts and life experiences within the immediate area of the bombings. As the hours pass I am drawn back to Boston…Boston is my home. RIP. Peace. Thank you to all the first responders.

Capture: I had been reading Twitter’s feeds about the Fleetwood Mac concert in Boston on 4/18/13 and then shortly after the concert wrapped (which included a lot of comforting words for the city and victims) my ‘news’ Twitter feed started popping with the MIT shooting and the chase to Watertown (long before the mainstream media picked-up the news)…and then by 4:30am I had to sign-off…at that time all reports had named two suspects (not the brothers) and that one supsect was dead (along with the MIT officer)….but when I got up at 7:30am the news was that the suspects were the two brothers….and then I spent the day following Twitter and the news…until the capture. It was a very obsessive day but I could not keep my mind off of my city. Peace. 

The Obamas at Cathedral of the Holy Cross

The Obamas at Cathedral of the Holy Cross

Suspect 2 captureed 4/19/13

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Boston Marathon Bill Iffrig

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Boston Marathon-Jeff Bauman

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Boston Marathon Bombing - Starbucks

The site of the second bomb…

Boston 1.1.13

Boston on the first day of 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing - MIT Honors Boston

MIT’s tribute to Boston

Bob Leonard Pic: Suspects 1 &2

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Sandy Hook / Newtown Pilgrimage / The Healing Begins

Broadway with Love

I was overcome by a sea of stuffed animals and grief here at Sandy Hook, Connecticut. I felt as though I was completely surrounded (as if the memorials were enveloping me and other mourners) by personal memorials dedicated to those killed….Signs, Teddy Bears, candles, and more…for as far as I could see. I lost my composure…a lot. I saw a green frog ‘Beanie Baby’ just like one I gave my son nearly 15 years ago. Heartbreaking. 

I made a mound of bird seed and then placed 28 (flameless votives) candles on the mound….it was dusk and the flames shined brightly on the little hillside in the center of Sandy Hook. I had to do this for them….for me…for my family.

UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop Lt. John Pike Is Now An Internet Sensation But He is Rightfully Ruined

UC Davis pepper spray video: Two officers suspended | Mail Online.

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Peaceful protestors are pepper sprayed…Lt. John Pike crossed the line…he is ruined and OWS is strengthened.

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Taunton’s Flag Raising: Global War on Terrorism Memorial

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RIP: Friendly’s Shuts Some of its Doors

Taunton Friendly’s shuts its doors – Taunton, MA – The Taunton Gazette.

Taunton Friendlys

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I had a five-year run in high-school & college working part-time at my local Friendly’s…it was a fun time. Very fun.

80 Arrested as NYC Financial District Protest Moves North: This is the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest








80 Arrested as Financial District Protest Moves North –

Occupy Wall Street Spreading to Many Main Streets


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Occupy Wall Street

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Cape Cod Sunset Before Irene’s Arrival


Herring Cove Beach

Look how peaceful and calm things are here on Cape Cod/Provincetown-one day before Irene.

The Calm Before Irene – Provincetown

Seems peaceful. Just wait a day…


Herring Cove Beach


Indiana State Fair Stage Collapses: At Least 5 Dead but Concertgoers Try to Help Scores of Injured

Indiana State Fair Stage Collapses: At Least 4 Dead DISTURBING VIDEO.

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Tornado Hits Springfield as Violent Storms Sweep Across Massachusetts

Tornado hits Springfield as violent storms sweep across state.

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