Amy Winehouse, British Soul Singer, Dies at 27

Amy Winehouse, British Soul Singer, Dies at 27 –

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Sad. She was a great talent.

The Times’ music critic Jon Parales sums up Winehouse’s impact nicely:

Her self-destruction was a deep loss to listeners. Ms. Winehouse was no manufactured pop commodity. She was a genuine musician: one of the very small handful of British singers whose version of American soul music had a gutsiness and flair far beyond what could be studied.In her music, Ms. Winehouse could sketch out her troubles and laugh them off, with a resilient beat and that insouciant flutter in her voice. Outside the recording studio, as a human being separate from her art, Ms. Winehouse couldn’t do that. Her songs, it turned out, would be wiser than she was.

Stevie Nicks Talks About Amy Winehouse


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