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Gated Double-Wide Living on the Wrong Side of Lex: 152 East 81st St. is Almost Ready for Madonna

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The question now is how Madonna’s arrival might disrupt the social ecology of the Upper East Side, where anything east of Lexington Avenue has always been considered the wrong side of the tracks—the IRT subway tracks, that is. As any New Yorker knows, there are actually two Upper East Sides. West of Lex is a magic a kingdom of wealth and privilege, with luxurious pre-war apartments, spit-and-polish doormen and Central Park views. And then there’s the Upper East Side east of Lex—a jumble of soulless apartment towers, tenements and more dry cleaners, Duane Reade drugstores and Citibank branches than the economy could possibly absorb, even in the best of times. Madonna’s house falls on the dowdy side of the dividing line.

The Daily Beast ~ Madonna’s new place is on the wrong side of Lex (the tracks)!

RIP Phoebe Snow ~ A Survivor Passes

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