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Debating the Impact of Anchor Babies

Panelists Debate Impact of Anchor Babies | United States | Epoch Times.

Another issue is the DREAM ACT…these young immigrants need a pathway to legal status.

Fallout Rains on Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Near Cape Cod and Boston

Gonsalves: Fallout rains on Pilgrim nuke plant | CapeCodOnline.com.

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Pilgrim Nuclear Station Homepage

This Week on CBC’s Q with Jian Ghomeshi – Justin Bieber ‘Biebonics’

CBC.ca | Q | This Week on Q.

Neil Strauss

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Today’s show covers Neil Strauss and BIEBONICS…podcast available tomorrow.

ShelterBox: A Creative Way to Help Japan Victims

ShelterBox: – Home.

I just heard an NPR report about this creative program.

Fukushima Japan : GE Mark 1 Nuclear Reactor Design Caused GE Scientist To Quit In Protest

Fukushima: Mark 1 Nuclear Reactor Design Caused GE Scientist To Quit In Protest – ABC News.

Fidelity to Close Marlborough, MA Offices

Fidelity to close Marlborough offices, move jobs.

Scott Brown-on your watch.

Senator Chuck Schumer: House GOP Acting Like Scott Walker Republicans

Chuck Schumer: House GOP Acting Like Scott Walker Republicans.

Senator Charles Schumer

Yes Senator, it does appear that they are following that awful person’s tactics.

Bus Driver Involved in Deadly Rt. 95 Accident Has Serious Criminal Past and Questionable Crash Story

UPDATE: Driver’s Claim not Supported. Driving 78MPH

Driver involved in deadly bus accident has criminal past; 15th passenger dies from injuries – NYPOST.com.

NE Thruway

One of the surviving passengers boarded another bus the next day and went back to the casino to try to win back what he lost the night before.

Dr. John, Love, Diamond, Waits, Cooper Inducted into Rock Hall at NYC’s Waldorf-Astoria

Dr John, Love inducted into Rock Hall at NYC fete – Entertainment News.

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Link to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Website