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Hyundai Equus – Luxury Lexus Impersonator – Review

Hyundai Equus Review – Luxury Lexus Impersonator – NYTimes.com.

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It looks good and Hyundai has done an excellent job in the design studio..but it really has a lot of superior competition to beat….maybe next time. But, the new cheap Elantra looks nice and gets 40mpg….get a few of those instead.

Radiation Detected 60 Miles From Fukushima

Radiation Detected 60 Miles From Fukushima – NYTimes.com.

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2-6 East 80th Street Was Mr. Woolworth’s Opulent Home ~ For Sale for $90M

Big Deal: Woolworth Opulence for $90 Million – NYTimes.com.

2-6 East 80th Street, Manhattan

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Link to the Listing Agent ~ Run, Don’t Walk!!!

Satellite Photos – Japan Before and After Tsunami

Satellite Photos – Japan Before and After Tsunami – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com.

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GOP Eyes New Message Other Than ‘So Be It’ : What? No More Slashing Social Programs, Women’s Rights, Demonizing Public Servants and Maiming Middle Class Union Workers?

GOP Eyes New Jobs Message : Roll Call.


Corporate funded good-ole boys. Long live: Corporate welfare and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans-This is the GOP’s agenda.

Demand for Quality School Superintendents Fuels High Salaries in Metro NYC / Westchester

Demand for quality school superintendents fuels high salaries | The Journal News | lohud.com.



High taxes often mean excellent schools and high scores and success. Private K-12 schools’ tuition is 25k up. Adequately funded public schools are a deal.

Pay Teachers More Money and RESPECT

Pay Teachers More – NYTimes.com.

47 percent of America’s kindergarten through 12th-grade teachers come from the bottom one-third of their college classes.

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Closing the Talent Gap ~ An Independent Study

Bus-Crash Victims Were Part of Routine Casino Run

Bus-Crash Victims Were Part of Routine Casino Run – NYTimes.com.

Cheap is okay if the buses are driven safely.