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Boehner, Where Is, “Where Are the Jobs?”?

Boehner, Where Is, “Where Are the Jobs?”? | Mother Jones.

All they (GOP) are doing is creating distractions while they (GOP) readies plans to give the ‘haves’ more while gutting what made the US ¬†great (social programs, public education and women’s issues) and attacking the working middle class-the have nots. Cut corporate welfare and add a Bush War Tax for the ‘haves’.

Huge Earthquake and #Tsunami Hit Japan

Huge Quake and Tsunami Hit Japan – NYTimes.com.

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News from Washington Post

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Mitch Daniels: A Grown-Up Brand Of GOP Politics

Mitch Daniels: A Grown-Up Brand Of GOP Politics : NPR.

Mitch Daniels

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Good interview. He’s not loved by TCOT Talk Radio. That’s a good start.