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Boehner, Where Is, “Where Are the Jobs?”?

Boehner, Where Is, “Where Are the Jobs?”? | Mother Jones.

All they (GOP) are doing is creating distractions while they (GOP) readies plans to give the ‘haves’ more while gutting what made the US  great (social programs, public education and women’s issues) and attacking the working middle class-the have nots. Cut corporate welfare and add a Bush War Tax for the ‘haves’.

Huge Earthquake and #Tsunami Hit Japan

Huge Quake and Tsunami Hit Japan – NYTimes.com.

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News from Washington Post

News from L.A. Times

Mitch Daniels: A Grown-Up Brand Of GOP Politics

Mitch Daniels: A Grown-Up Brand Of GOP Politics : NPR.

Mitch Daniels

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Good interview. He’s not loved by TCOT Talk Radio. That’s a good start.


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