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After Tumultuous Day, Wisconsin Farmers Plan A Tractorcade

After Tumultuous Day, Wisconsin Farmers Plan A Tractorcade : The Two-Way : NPR.

The citizens of WI and America will ┬ánot forget the day that democracy died. The laws were pushed through without adequate debate and clearly was a UNION BUSTING political move that will mostly further benefit corporations and the GOP’s rich supporters.

Broadway’s American Idiot Will Close in Spring; Billie Joe Armstrong Will Play Final Weeks

American Idiot Will Close April 24; Billie Joe Armstrong Will Play Final Weeks – Playbill.com.

Billie Joe Armstrong

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Great show. See it before it closes.

David Brooks On GOP Field: Gingrich Should Not Run A 7-Eleven

David Brooks On 2012 Field: Obama Beatable, Gingrich Should Not Run A 7-Eleven.

David Brooks

I like Mr. Brooks. I will not shop at any 7-Eleven where Newt works. He’d mess-up the store’s operations and would be busy boinking the customers/staff if he gets stressed. It is not easy running a 7-Eleven..Newt is not capable.

“Uncle Morty’s Funeral” at Manhattan Repertory Theater Thru 3/13/11

“Uncle Mortys Funeral” – Joanna Zelman.

Uncle Morty's Funeral

I’ve got my tickets…Sounds like fun.

The play was well conceived and the characters fully formed. I liked Sara’s ┬ácharms as well as her husband’s appeal. Samuel was a good stoner and his cousin played a young and very pretty high school student. The matriarch was played well by Ms. MacShane and I felt her desire to capture long gone relationships. Jay was burdened with much anger and guilt and his performance captured his tortured life.

Lady Gaga Live at Boston Garden “You and I” ~ The Monster Ball World Tour

Great show! She can dance, write music, play instruments, sing, and provide inspiration!