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Wisconsin GOP Senators Pass Stand-Alone Anti-Union Bill Against Will of Majority of State

Wisconsin GOP Senators Pass Stand-Alone Anti-Union Bill Without Democrats Present.




This was shady and against the will of the majority of State residents. This is class warfare. Walker gave tax breaks to corporations on the backs of little Johnny’s teachers.

Glee’s Rendition of Stevie Nicks’ ‘Landslide’

Heart. Heart.

Julie Taymor Will Leave Spider-Man

Producer Suggests That Julie Taymor Will Leave Spider-Man – NYTimes.com.

Lady Gaga Shares a Love with Her Fans

Lady Gaga shares a love with her fans – The Boston Globe.

Lady Gaga at Boston Garden 3/8/11

This was a very fun and uplifting show. Her words were very meaningful and supportive for those who don’t fit in. Yay Stefani.

P.S. Loved her line that fans will always hear her sing LIVE and that she’d never lip synch-like the other ‘bitches’. LOL

Lady Gaga Dissolves Deal With Target

Gaga Dissolves Deal With Target | Entertainment News | The Advocate.


Lady Gaga Ends Deal with Target


Lady has created more jobs and stimulus to the economy than any GOP Tea Party hack.

NPR Executive,Vivian Schiller, Resigns Over Hidden Camera Video

NPR executive resigns over hidden camera video – Boston.com


The executive caught on video said it ‘off the record’ and specifically said the views were his.  I do agree with his view that the Republicans and the Tea Party are anti-intellectual. Overall, Ron Schiller should not have made his personal opinions public given is position (former) at NPR.

Lets cut the cord and refuse all US aide..I’ll chip in extra. It would be worth it to have these crazy Tea Party and TCOTs move on to creating jobs (where are the jobs?).