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WI Democrats to End Union Standoff

Wisconsins Democrats to End Union Standoff – WSJ.com.


Let the recall of Walker roll ahead.

2015 Trammel Rd, Cumming, GA ~ Le Reve is a Lavish Foreclosed Mansion

A New Low Price For Le Reve, Georgias Most Lavish Foreclosed Mansion.

La Reve

This incredible edifice has 82 rooms, two elevators and 62 televisions. The grounds include a heated swimming pool, pool house, spa, private playground, stables, tennis court, formal gardens and a guest house. The home, which is approximately 47,000 square feet on 72 acres was listed at a stunning $45 million in 2008 just two years after it was completed for a price of nearly $50 million total. Even after a $32M price reduction, the big-ticket problem remains, this home is in Georgia and not in Beverly Hills.

Market Statistics Cumming Vs. Beverly Hills:

Fox and Glenn Beck Stare Into a Dark Future

Update: Beck sells and Moves Away

Update: Good Riddance

Fox and Glenn Beck Stare Into a Dark Future – NYTimes.com.

Click on the side story of Becks still unsold CT home....

He is unbalanced and unbalanced. A drop of one third is substantial and I like the trend but I know that the Tea Party and other Right Wingnuts listeners still thrive on crazy-and there is a lot of that for them to eat.

Click for Side Story: Beck’s New Canaan Home is Still For Sale and He’ll Suffer a Loss if He Ever Sells it

Syosset School Superintendent, Carole Hankin, Earns $500k Pay Package While Fresno Super Waives His $800k

NYT Editorial Mentions Syosset S.D.



Syosset school superintendent gets $500,000 pay package – NYPOST.com.

Carole Hankin

Base salary is 386k. At least the schools have excellent scores. It pays to work in an affluent town (That does not explain why Ossining, NY’s Superintendent earns his base). If the town does not want to pay her this salary then the town/district should not have signed the contract. Sure, complain after the fact but the town/district is responsible for allowing this salary/benefit to occur.

In other news...OPPOSITE OF Ms. Hankin's greed:


Journal News Report on Westchester Area Superintendent Salaries

Look up the pensions/salaries of other administrator millionaires~HERE

Virgin Blue Attendant Allegedly Put Tot in Jet’s Overhead Bin

Tot allegedly put in planes overhead bin – UPI.com.

Click for story...

Question: Was there a charge for overhead baggage?

For Those 50+, Finding Jobs is Especially Difficult

Journal News Article

I’ve ¬†been pink-slipped three times (when in my 30’s) and know that job hunting in a recession is not easy and it is especially hard today for middle-aged men. I’m grateful to be employed by a great employer who values the older and experienced workforce.

Karzai Rejects US Apology For Killing Of Nine Afghan Boys

Karzai Rejects U.S. Apology For Killing Of Nine Afghan Boys.


Sad. RIP boys and prayers to the families.

President Obama Shifting Policy on Gay Marriage

President Obama Shifting Policy on Gay Marriage – The Daily Beast.

President Obama