Are US Workers Headed Toward Sweatshop Labor Wages? Inequality Soars

Daily Kos: Are US Workers Headed Toward Sweatshop Labor Wages?.

My mother worked in a factory and was represented by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU). Our life would have been financially worse without that union’s representation. Business owners’ greed is worse now because egomaniacal greed has crept deeper into the GOP and The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (a joke). Corporate Welfare is a sin and is supported by the GOP.

Teachers cannot be comared to the average US worker because teachers have earned degrees and most US workers have not bothered to improve themselves. However, these outspoken ‘taxpayers’ cry that they have been short-changed: Maybe if these idiotic selfish Tea Partyish people worked harder they just might be able to earn more.



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2 responses to “Are US Workers Headed Toward Sweatshop Labor Wages? Inequality Soars

  • hoboduke

    Graduating with a college degree in education does not equate to higher pay. The choices we make in life are our own. We as tax payers in Wisconsin do not have an obligation to pay teacher more than the average tax payer because they are entitled. Who calculates what anyone of us are entitled for wages? It is supply and demand. There is a real shortage of mathematicians, physiciists, etc. that get top dollar. The education system is a factory system in the USA flooding the market wtih teaching degrees. They are a dime a dozen. Oversupply reduces wages. Anyway, the end product our USA student is graduating with lower capabilities than nations with much lower funding for education per student, and much lower paid teachers too. Should we picket those countries as unfair to our overpaid, underworked, underachieving educators?

  • R in burbs

    Earning a degree equates to whatever wage the market will bear and there are really very few true comparables when comparing public servants’ wages versus private sector employees’ wages. Overall, most public sector employees have considerably more education but are paid less. In my school district, the average teacher pay is $100k and our students have excellent scores and continued success-taxpayers here always support the school’s budget and want only the BEST for our children. Vilifying teachers in WI serves no good social purpose and is especially a poor choice of anti-teacher groups because WI has one of the highest student score rates in the country. Why punish the teachers for doing a good job? If there is an oversupply of good teachers in WI then it is appropriate to create hiring tiers (with lower pay and higher benefit co-pays etc.) but is entirely unfair to eliminate bargaining rights for existing employees just because the Governor unjustifiably wants the action. Taxpayers must look to curb unbridled Corporate Welfare if localities, States, and the U.S. want to move ahead from this no-tax and spend GOP decade.

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