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WikiLeaks Soldier, Bradley Manning Left Naked in Cell: So What? Maybe He Deserved it.

WikiLeaks Soldier Left Naked in Cell, Lawyer Says – NYTimes.com.

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If he did it he should get the maximum sentence.

‘Good People’ With Frances McDormand by David Lindsay-Abaire Opens

‘Good People’ With Frances McDormand – Review – NYTimes.com.

I’ve got my tickets and I’m looking forward to the show.

Just saw the 7pm show and really loved it.  Being from the Boston area I knew all the accents and references…and I am so glad I got out of my Massachusetts city!! The show was real. Very real.


Update: Town Ok’s Smaller Plan Whereas Previously, Disgruntled Developers Tell Chappaqua / New Castle to Take the Reader’s Digest Property and Buy It!

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UPDATE: New Castle Approves a Smaller Plan

Disgruntled Developers Tell Town to Take This Land and Buy It! – Lawsuits – Curbed NY.

Chappaqua Reader's Digest

What a waste of time for everyone. This would have been a perfect site for a mixed use development as it is an expansive and beautiful site . The site nearly abuts the Horace Greeley High School and the area is certainly not a secluded quiet area of Chappaqua. It is not far from the Clintons very modest home and a large private golf club. New condos have not been developed in this tony village for a long time. Seniors and other down-sizers need options. New Castle’s only moderate income property is located on the other side of town-on top of the Taconic State Parkway-So we know how the town feels about those with less than average Chappaqua income levels. Shame on you New Castle. I hope the court orders a fair and high forced sales price.

The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’

The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’ – NYTimes.com.


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Tea Party Anger with US Government Subsides. Baggers Should be Angry that Big Business Gets Big Corporate Welfare

Behind the Numbers – Tea party anger with government subsides.

End Corporate Welfare now. Big Oil and NASCAR do not need ongoing Taxpayer funded subsidies. The lobbyists have bought and paid off Republican leaders. Shame. Shame.

Republicans Stampede Toward The Cliff

Republicans Stampede Toward The Cliff | The New Republic.


Raise taxes for those who’ve cashed-in on the banking bubble and Wall Street rescue=that’s only the top earners and those doing well in this recession and definitely not the unionized taxpayers.

It’s a Class War: Proposed Cuts Strike Teachers as Attacks on Their Value to Society

Proposed Cuts Strike Teachers as Attacks on Their Value to Society – NYTimes.com.

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Scorned but the Wall Street crooks walk freely with huge wallets.

Jindal Foundation Offers Ties to Politicians – Shady Deals for Access in Louisiana

Charities Like Jindal Foundation Offer Tie to Politicians – NYTimes.com.

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Shady. Shady. Sound like another Republican conflict of interest not unlike Justice Thomas’ wife’s dealings. It may not be improper but it certainly looks improper. The appearance of impropriety is not good. Follow the money.

NATO Apologizes For Killing 9 Afghan Boys

NATO Apologizes For Killing 9 Afghan Civilians.

Afghan Tragedy

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Time to wrap-it-up here and in Iraq.