The Public-Sector Workers on Which our Future Depends: Teachers

Matt Miller – The public-sector workers on which our future depends.

Matt Miller, The Washington Post

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Yes, we do need to support our public school teachers. I live here because the public school district is beyond average and is one of the best in the U.S.  Sure, homeowners pay a lot for real estate taxes, but we want excellent public schools.  I would suggest that there is a direct correlation between our district’s average teacher salary ($100k) and the unmatched success of its students. Our teachers are worth every penny and should not be vilified.


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One response to “The Public-Sector Workers on Which our Future Depends: Teachers

  • jonolan

    That doesn’t play when one deals with reality. Educational spending and educational results aren’t related in the real world.

    America spends more per student than most countries yet under-performs compared to those same nations.

    The system is broken and ridding ourselves of the public sector unions is a necessary, though painful, step towards fixing that system.

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