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Christchurch Earthquake Memorial Announced

Earthquake memorial announced – Business – NZ Herald News.


Prime Minister John Key this afternoon announced a national memorial service for those who died in the Christchurch earthquake, after today’s announcement that the rescue operation was now a recovery operation.

GOP Leaders Poised to Buck Obama’s Budget Meeting Because They are Pigs

GOP Leaders Poised to Buck Obama’s Budget Meeting : Roll Call.

1174 North Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills was Elvis and Priscilla’s Home – Now for Rent: $25k

Elvis and Priscilla’s Beverly Hills Home for Rent: $25,000/Month | Zillow Blog – Real Estate Market Stats, Celebrity Real Estate, and Zillow News.

Elvis Beverly Hills Home

For rent…but name your price and it might be yours to own.

LGBT Group Joins Fight Against Wal-Mart in NYC

Gay Group Joins Fight Against Wal-Mart in N.Y.C. – NYTimes.com.

No Wal-Mart in NYC

Plus the store would hurt the city’s small vendors. Stay out.

Hello Kitty House in China is Pink. Please, Not on My Block

Hello Kitty House in China is Awfully Purrdy, Dontcha Think? – Globe Trotting – Curbed National.

Hello Kitty

The owners have dogs and not cats.

The Public-Sector Workers on Which our Future Depends: Teachers

Matt Miller – The public-sector workers on which our future depends.

Matt Miller, The Washington Post

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Yes, we do need to support our public school teachers. I live here because the public school district is beyond average and is one of the best in the U.S.  Sure, homeowners pay a lot for real estate taxes, but we want excellent public schools.  I would suggest that there is a direct correlation between our district’s average teacher salary ($100k) and the unmatched success of its students. Our teachers are worth every penny and should not be vilified.

iPad2 Unveiling – Apple’s Steve Jobs Front and Center

iPad 2 unveiling – details and scenes – Boston.com.

iPad 2

I love my iPad (with 3G and max storage).

Funny WebSeries ‘The Louise Log’ by Sundance Director

Here is the latest episode:

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Interview with Bernie Madoff by Steve Fishman

The Brian Lehrer Show: Talking to Madoff – WNYC.

It’s a Free Country WNYC comments page link…

Hear the crook’s voice. Hear his attempt to justify his actions (sort of). Hear the douche recount his brazen business practices.